Captain Cooks Casino Jobs

One of the first online casinos ever established, Captain Cooks Casino has certainly built a name for itself that is well known on all the corners of the globe. Since its establishment around 16 years ago, this online casino has continually captivated the gaming passions of numerous casino players and gamers. In short, when it comes to longevity and reliability, only a select few other online casinos can match Captain Cooks Casino’s steadfast vigour. As a demonstration to its continuous activity, this online casino service provider is currently expanding its services and operational capacities. Consequently, this online casino has opened the Captain Cooks Jobs listing for great career opportunities, as they need plenty of additional talents to bolster their workforce and meet the rising demand.

Captain Cooks Casino PHP Developer

Since Captain Cooks Casino is a gaming company which provides online casino services, most, if not all, of its operations are based on the Internet. In its recent push to grow and expand its operations and services, this online casino certainly needs more productivity regarding the development and maintenance of its websites and web pages. For this task, a PHP developer is most certainly of essence and vital to its accomplishment.

For Captain Cooks Casino’s needs, the PHP Developer will mainly focus on developing and optimising the casino’s portals for the Captain Cooks Casino mobile platform. This is the platform that’s specialised for mobile client devices, such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Since the use of mobile devices is quickly becoming predominant on all parts of the globe, the online casino tech, in turn must do its best to catch up and make the most out of this current trend.

Captain Cooks Casino needs two (2) to three (3) PHP developers at the moment. Two of them will focus on mobile platform development and optimisation, while one will direct his or her efforts on improving the Captain Cooks Casino’s download client program to be on par with the other platform’s advancements.

Captain Cooks Casino SEO Specialist

This online casino is also in need of a SEO Specialist. The SEO Specialist will be mainly responsible for optimising the web content of the casino’s websites and web pages. His or her aim is to drive more visitors and traffic to the online casino, and eventually, more new players and signees. He or she will also be working on the Captain Cooks Casino bonus system and other promotional activities.

For additional queries regarding the opportunities listed on the Captain Cooks Casino Jobs, you can direct your questions to Captain Cooks Casino Support.