Captain Cooks Casino Bonus

A good bonus can be enjoyed by anyone who gets on the Captain Cooks Casino. The Captain Cooks Casino bonus options are substantial features for anyone to take a look at when going to the casino.

The first bonus is a welcome bonus that is by far the most unique option that the Captain Cooks Casino has. This is where a player can sign up to play at the casino and register as a real player on the site. The player will then get $500 in free casino credits. The player will have to play for sixty minutes to try and win money.


A player can choose from a variety of selected games that the casino has to offer. The options that are around on the casino are incredibly varied and can include dozens of video slots with several payline options.

These games come in many styles and can be enjoyed by all types of people who want to have fun at the casino. Of course, a player will need to act quickly in order to be eligible for the bonus.

However, a player who wants to get a bonus out of this will have at least twenty bets at the casino and have won at least $20 over the $500 that was given out in order to get any winnings.

Also, a minimum deposit of $50 will be needed in order to collect any of this money. $150 is also the highest amount of money that can be won with the free play feature.

This is a unique type of Captain Cooks Casino bonus that all players can use. This can work immediately after signing up and downloading the software. Of course, everything that works in the download and the signup process is free until the player actually deposits money later on.

There are also some bonuses involved for being a loyal member of the casino. A player at the Captain Cooks Casino can get VIP points for playing games at the casino. A player can get a dollar in free chips at the casino for every 100 points that are earned at the casino.

This is a great benefit that will allow any player to earn money without any problems involved. It is a great feature that any player can have fun with.

The bonus features that a player can enjoy at the Captain Cooks Casino are very impressive. The Captain Cooks Casino bonus options will include a variety of different standards for all players to enjoy and have fun with.

These bonuses can work for loyal players and new players alike. They are very unique when compared to some of the other bonuses that players can get at other types of casinos.

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Last updated on February 25, 2019