Captain Cooks Download

The following Captain Cooks step by step download guide will get you through downloading and getting started playing captain cooks casino.

Any player who is going to get on the Captain Cooks casino will need to download the software for the casino to work. It is very easy to get this software handled. All that a person needs to do is follow a few simple instructions for getting it to work.


  1. Go to the Captain Cooks casino website at The download link should be at the very front of the page.
  2. Get the basic installation client downloaded and open it up. This will lead you to the rest of the installation process. This is used to help with making it so the casino software can be installed with the newest version of the casino in mind. This is important because the casino is consistently updated with many new games over time.
  3. Get an account created. The accounts can be either a Practice Play or Real Money account. A Real Money account must be used if the $500 in sixty minutes bonus on the site can be used.
  4. A username and password will have to be created. This will be used to identify the player who gets onto the site. The username will have to be identified properly with the right standards to ensure that everything is going to work as well as possible.
  5. Money can be deposited through the Bank service on the casino client. This will work to allow a player to deposit money with a variety of different formats in mind. The options can range from cards to wire transfers among other things.
  6. The player should be ready to play on the casino and have fun with all of the different games that the Captain Cooks casino has.

The process of getting the download handled should not take too long to handle. It should only take about ten minutes to handle in a majority of cases. This is provided that the casino is installed properly and all instructions are followed correctly.

Don’t forget that the Captain Cooks download can work on almost any type of computer. The casino uses Microgaming software that can work in most computers. Also, the software is made to where it will work properly and should not deal with any problems with regards to how it operates. This is critical for anyone to see when getting the software prepared.

The Captain Cooks download process is one that any player can easily use. This process will help to get any player on the casino to play games and have fun with ease. The download will be simple and will not take too long to handle. Be sure to check this out when getting ready to play on the Captain Cooks casino. You can read more about Captain Cooks at the official Captain Cooks casino review.


Last updated on January 11, 2012