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Captain Cooks free $500 welcome bonus is one of the best reasons to join and try out captain cooks casino but there are more reasons why you should play Captain Cooks Casino.

The Captain Cooks free features that players can use are great to take a look at. The free functions will allow any player to easily get onto the casino and play games on it. Here are some of the free things to see when getting on the Captain Cooks casino.

The first thing that is free on the Captain Cooks casino is the software. This software will work on a separate program and will be used to give players access to the latest games and features that anyone can use.

This casino software can work with any type of computer and will be free to download.


This is important because a player will only be able to get into the latest games and promotions at the casino if the newest software edition is used. The Captain Cooks free software will help to get a player to easily use this. It is a helpful thing that anyone can use when getting on the site.

Another thing that is available for free is the money that can be used when signing up. This unique captain cooks casino bonus involves $500 that can be used for sixty minutes after playing on the site. This can be used to give any player free money that could end up becoming real money if the player is successful.

There is also free access to loyalty and referral programs. A player can earn loyalty points that can be transferred into real money upon playing games a certain amount of time. These games can be used to give any player plenty of fun things to do. This is a great thing that any player should review when it comes to getting onto the casino site.

A player can also refer a friend to the casino and get an additional amount of money for free. The amount that can be used will vary by each referral. Some can include up to a thousand dollars in free money to use on the site.

A player can also use the Captain Cooks casino newsletter for free. This can be used to give a player an idea of the many different games and features that can be enjoyed at the casino. This will allow any player to easily learn about the many different things that the casino has to offer. It will be smart to see this when getting the casino to work.

These features are all important for anyone to review when getting into the Captain Cooks casino. These will involve different standards for a variety of players to take advantage of and to have fun with. It will be great to see this when signing up for the casino and playing games there.

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Last updated on February 25, 2019