Experience the amazing graphics and sounds of Captain Cooks casino Roulette

CaptainCooks casino Roulette is one of the most popular of all table games offered by the casino. Players can choose one of the classics, or try the new varieties and even spin the roulette wheel for free.

It’s certain that they will find at least one game they really enjoy on a comprehensive list that includes more than a dozen games. The visuals are outstanding and the same can be said about the sound effects, so players get fully immersed into the gaming atmosphere.

capitancooks online casino roulette

CaptainCooks casino Roulette tips for beginners

New members who play online roulette for the first time are provided with tips that can help them avoid all the common obstacles. They can choose to place outside bets on colors, odds and even numbers, dozens and columns to minimize the risks.

Roulette is one of the casino games with the lowest house edge if you choose to stick to outside bets. At the opposite end of the spectrum, players place inside bets, on single numbers, two, three or four adjoining numbers and even six number bets

Explore the CaptainCooks casino Roulette variants

European and French roulette are virtually the same, with the latter having only two special rules that differ. Players don’t lose the stakes automatically if the ball lands on zero, but only half of the amount or plays another hand.

With a house edge of less than 3%, these two types of roulette are theoretically easier to beat that their US counterpart. Players who choose American roulette can place exactly the same bets in identical fashion, but need to be wary of an extra 0 slot.

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Last updated on February 25, 2019